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Frequently asked questions.

QWhat tanning process do you use to tan the pelts?

A:  All pelts have been professionally garment tanned.  We do not use any “home tans” or kits.  These tanned pelts should last you many, many years without the fur slipping.

Q How do I hang my hooped fur on the wall?

A:  Each hooped fur has rawhide lacing tied in a loop extending above the top of the tied crossed pieces.  A small finish nail tapped into the wall and into a stud should hold your hooped fur with no problems.

QWhat maintenance do I need to perform on the hooped fur?

A:  While it is not necessary to keep fur cool to preserve it, it is not recommended to leave it out in intense heat for prolonged periods of time.  It (fur) needs to breath, so storing in airtight containers or plastic bags is not advisable.  If your hooped fur does get wet, simply shake the excess moisture out and let it air dry.  If your item becomes dusty, a simple brushing with a soft brush or carefully vacuuming with a soft brush is okay.

The wooden hoop will require no maintenance.  Over time the rawhide lacing will stretch and relax.  You can easily untie the knot at the top. Then, starting at the base of the hoop, work up both sides evenly back towards the top tightening the lacing as you go and then retie.  This way the pelt will tighten evenly and you’ll have even lengths of lacing at the top you can cut off. 

Q When I order a hooped fur, will it be the exact same one I see on my screen?

A:  Yes.  All of our pelts and hooped furs are numbered and cataloged.  The number you see next to the pelt or on the hoop is the same number we use in our system.  You will receive the exact same pelt or willow hoop with the exact same fur laced onto it. 

QHow is my hooped fur packaged and shipped?

A:  All hooped furs will be enclosed in a plastic bag inside a protective package designed to eliminate any damage from shipping. Carriers will be selected based upon the size of the hooped fur and its destination.

QAre there any additional charges to the cost I see for each hooped fur?

A:  For orders delivered to the lower 48, all packaging, shipping and insurance charges are figured into the price posted.  We do not ship outside the lower 48. 

Q Do you ship hooped furs out of country?

A:  No.

QIs it possible for me to pick this hooped fur up from Riverine Traders directly and not pay packaging and shipping fees?

A:  Certainly!  Place your order as usual and submit payment.  This way you are assured of securing that item. Then notify us immediately via phone or email that you do not want the order shipped. You may drive here to Boscobel and pick your order up directly.  Be sure to call ahead to make sure we’re home!  It might be we’re headed your way to a future rendezvous or event and we can take your order with us. Either way, we will let you know in advance what the difference will be in terms of a shipping refund. A check will be issued at the time of pick up.

QWhat forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Money Order, Personal Check (please allow 5-7 days for checks to clear the bank), payment through Paypal and credit cards over the phone.

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